We want to help you create Velocity to reach the next level. We believe Velocity is fueled by fun, creativity and collaboration. We believe it so much that we make sure our days are filled with them.

We want to invite you to join us in that journey. Taking your brand, vision or passion to the next level is hard work. But, without fun the process could kill you!

Born out of a passion and intense vision for seeing stories come to life, Velocity Collective exists to help handcraft your stories. We believe that creatively telling your story is crucial to the life of your mission, your vision and your future. We know, we have learned by telling our own stories. 

Using the power of video, photos and strategy we help you create a dynamic and life giving process to bring awareness of your mission, your brand and your ideas. We help you make a statement that lasts, something people will not soon forget. We want to highlight The Heroes, The Hope and The Beauty that exists around the world, and in our own backyard. 

Our experience, our passion and our team can create something that will impact your world. Let our extensive team help you unlock the potential and explore the possibilities that could be! Lead by our founder, and one of the most fearless guys we know, we help you reach further than you ever thought possible.

Michael Robison

Photographer // Chief Strategist // CEO

After nearly 20 years in business development, non-profit management and various roles as a creative CEO, Michael brings a wealth of understanding to help you expand your brand, your mission and your purpose. With experience in brands and organizations worldwide, he offers a unique perspective to help you achieve greater impact. His work has included start-ups at $0 and multinational corporations with over $12B in annual revenue. With such wide range of retail, luxury, humanitarian and B2B experience you are certain to find a truly 360 degree approach. Michael has a passion for strategy, team building and visual creativity. As a photographer, designer, marketer and thought leader he can help you reach the next level.